Monday, September 19, 2005

Bonifacio, Andres. "Give Us Your Love." In The Writings and Trial of Andres Bonifacio, trans. Teodoro A. Agoncillo and S. V. Epistola. Manila: Antonio J. Villegas; Manila Bonifacio Centennial Commission; University of the Philippines, 1963. 8-9.


Give Us Your Love*

For a moment listen to this lament,
slowly, with difficulty, the people are rising,
who for ages have been prostrate
in the midst of Spanish maltreatment.

You, dear ones, where are now
the courage and honor that should be spent,
to righteousness that we know,
don't be a traitor.

Let us throw away the customs
that impugn the high quality
of the Filipinos, who are hopeless,
whose honor was stained by the white cow.**

What are wealth and honors,
even to be seen by men and praised in good language,
if our Motherland remains
under the cruel Spaniards, the horned Spaniards.

And so come, my friends,
help us deliver from the grave
the Mother that fell because of affliction,
in order to taste happiness.

Brothers of mine, banish fear
of the imbecile Spaniard's exaggerated boast,
it is the habit of he who is devoid of courage
to frighten us -- even with his mouth.

And don't be afraid to fight
the race of executioners, the Spanish race,
they are here in order to usurp,
they want to get what is ours.

Rely in God and don't be taken in by
our enemy who has the ways of an animal,
lie does nothing but sow fear,
and he always shouts "Viva! Viva!" though defeated.

Ah, give us your love, Heaven that looks upon us,
God, my Lord, don't deny
to Your children the protection they ask for,
so that they would not lapse into bad habits.

Protect them and show them the way
of peace and prosperity,
so that our souls may not be led astray.

*Tapunan ng Lingap.