Monday, September 19, 2005

Bonifacio, Andres. "Letters to Mariano Alvarez." In The Writings and Trial of Andres Bonifacio, trans. Teodoro A. Agoncillo and S. V. Epistola. Manila: Antonio J. Villegas; Manila Bonifacio Centennial Commission; University of the Philippines, 1963. 12-13.


Letters to Mariano Alvarez

Mapagtiis 2 January 1897

President Mainam:

Do not fail to see me immediately, for I want that we talk privately about the incident that happened to me in the Magdalo Council and for you to explain to me how they were organized.

And. Bonifacio

27 April 1897

My dear General Mainam:

Our recently concluded election at Mapagtiis [San Francisco de Malabon] has left a large poisonous thorn in my heart. I reiterate to you my nullification of all that had been agreed upon there. Ay, General, I never expected that my complacency and loyalty would be rewarded with avarice and insult upon my person by your fellow townsmen who are spurious patriots. I shall


make them realize when I set foot on Morong [now Rizal province] soil that it was not I whom they insulted but the whole country.

Send me food at once and faithful followers of the Mother Country here at Limbon as a fulfillment of your promised help when I left in disquietude. Your supremo, And. Bonifacio, Maypagasa.